Monday, December 6, 2010

Finally, Welcome Elders!!

I was reading my dads email today and the spirit touched my heart as he told his feelings of seeing these 5 missionaries that were all between 6'1 and 6'4 coming out of customs with fire in their eyes ready to teach the gospel. They have been waiting since September for their visas and they finally came! What a blessing we have in our lives...what a blessing to the people of Mexico to have these wonderful missionaries ready to serve the Lord.


  1. Thanks for posting this picture so soon after their arrival. My son is one of those five elders! (4th from the right - Elder McArthur) Glad to know that they all arrived safely and excited. I know my son was so excited to get his visa that when I told him he might not get his Christmas package now that it needs to go to Mexico he said that having his visa and being in Mexico to serve the Lord there for Christmas is the best gift he could have.

  2. Karla...that is so neat!! He looks like a wonderful missionary! I'm so excited for all the Elders that finally get to serve in the mission they were called to serve in. I know my parents are glad to see them :)