Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Elder Dallin H. Oaks Visits The Mission

I spoke with my parents today and they told me what a wonderful experience it was having an apostle of the Lord visit the mission. They have several additional pictures that will be sent at a later time, but this particular pictures is of those that participated in the special musical number during the confrence. My mom said that the song was just amazing!! These Elders had spent a lot of time preparing the song, "Rise Up O Men Of God." Elder Rasband (an area authority) said that he hears songs sung like this about once a week, but never one that good. Elder Oaks said, "That group wasn't good, they were outstanding!" My parents were so proud! The Elders are (from left to right) Elder Dougal, Knickerbocker, Moss, Rodriguez, Medina, Bishoff, Holden, Shelley, Howard and McCord.

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