Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bienvenidos Elderes

They made it! I got an email from my parents tonight and they were excited to tell us all about the arrival of the American Elders. They arrived in Mexico at 2:45 Saturday afternoon and after getting through customs and the traffic (most of them were surprised by the traffic :) they arrived at the mission home at 4:30. After they arrived at the mission home they were fed and had a 3 hour training. Following the training, they were able to meet their companions and were taken to their new areas. By the time they got to their apartment it was near midnight. I'm sure they were tired. My parents explained how excited they were to meet these wonderful Elders and how neat it was to see their excitement. They are ready to get to work!

This mountain is called Chiquihuite. It is in the center of the mission.

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