Saturday, April 9, 2011

Big Day (Day 5)

Today we were able to meet some more missionaries. Not only did we get to meet them, but we were able to see them in action. I love driving down the streets of Mexico and spotting missionaries out serving the Lord. The thing that amazes me is that the mission boundries are very small, yet it takes us a good hour sometimes to go those 10 miles. This traffic is CRAZY!!! I am so amazed at how well my dad drives in this traffic.

This morning my dad was asked to speak at a stake primary activity. It was sooooo cute! We walked in and there were over 200 primary age kids getting their mission call, their mission badges and their air plane ticket to their mission. Several minutes later all 200 kids were seated quietly in the chapel (aka the MTC). My dad got up and spoke for 15 min on the importance of preparing for a mission. In the middle of his talk this cute little sunbeam got up and went up on the stand and tugged on my dad's pant leg. My dad was surprised so he bent down and the little girl asked my dad if she could go to the bathroom. It was adorable! These people are amazing. I felt the spirit so strong as I heard these primary children sing Called to Serve and I Hope They Call Me On A Mission. After my dad spoke, the children lined up and got their ticket punched and walked up on the stage and boarded their plane. Then they went into the room where they were called and a returned missionary spoke to them. It was neat!

This is the plot of land where the new mission office will be built. It is just next to the stake center.

My dad and I standing in front of the stake center in Linda Vista.

We visted the office and when we walked in there was a big box. The office Elders told us to check out what had just arrived from the distrabution center. We opened the box and inside were 7 binders...they told us that this was ONE Book of Mormon in Spanish brail. There is currenlty one blind investigator that needed a Book of Mormon. The cost is the same as a regular copy. Isn't the church great!

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