Friday, April 8, 2011

Seeing the City (Day 3 & 4)

Today my dad spent another day in meetings so me and my sister spent some time at home with mom. I really enjoyed seeing what my mom does at home and spending some time just visiting with her...I miss that! This afternoon, my sister and I were able to go out on the streets of Mexico. We even got brave and ate at one of the resturants (I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't regret that :) It was delicious!! After we walked around the streets for awhile, we decided to go check out the mall. I was AMAZED at how nice the mall was. It was nicer than a lot of the malls in the United States. The prices were expensive!! My mom said the mall prices are sometimes double what you buy things for in the states. We did find an ICEE and I was in HEAVEN!! It is so hard to get a cold drink around here. I am having a great time and am excited to get my dad back in town so we can see some more missionary work!

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